Lacey McElroy

I'm a commission/ freelance illustrator, artist, and writer. I am currently looking for a full-time position as a concept artist. I love bringing people's ideas to life... even if it is just on paper. 

My Background

I graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Christian Leadership and Church Ministry and a minor in Global Studies. So in the world of art, I'm self-taught. 

My Style

My personal drawing style adapts and changes. Since I was self-taught I learned by trying to recreate other artists' styles. I became a very good style duplicator, but it took a while to develop my own. 

My Tools

For art, I use Artrage Studio. I am capable of using Illustrator as well, it is just not my go-to. 

For writing, I use Google Docs, because why not? I'm able to jump onto any of my devices and write from where I left off. So helpful!

Get in Touch

My art Instagram is the best way to reach me about anything art-related.

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